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Zon (☉)
The Sun is the planet of the self, will, energy and power. It is the most important planet in a horoscope, and a heavily afflicted Sun in a natal chart makes it difficult for the subject to get anywhere in life, as they will not have the basic self-belief and stamina required to progress.
Maan (☾)
The Moon is the planet of the unconscious mind, habits and emotions. The aspects and position of the Moon in a natal chart indicate the subject's way of dealing with the influence of others.
Mercurius (☿)
Mercury is the planet of the mind, intellect and communication. In a natal chart, the aspects and position of Mercury show the ways in which subjects use their minds and how they get their message across to others.
Venus (♀)
Venus is de planeet van de liefde, hogere emoties en artistieke gevoeligheid. De aspecten en postie van Venus in een geboorte horoscoop geven aan hoe het onderwerp om gaart met relaties, sexualiteit en sociale interacties, net zoals de capaciteit voor het creëren en waarderen van schoonheid.
Mars (♂)
Mars is the planet of action and the expression of will through activity. A heavily afflicted Mars in a natal chart may give the subject impulsive or violent tendencies. Favorable influences may channel the energy of Mars more positively, into strength, determination and achievement, for example.
Jupiter (♃)
Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth and cooperation. In a natal chart, the aspects and position of Jupiter indicate how subjects are able to expand their horizons, and how they fit into and contribute to society.
Saturnus (♄)
Saturn is the planet of structure, limitation, experience and discipline. A heavily afflicted Saturn in a natal chart can leave subjects selfish, rigid and limited in their ability to interact meaningfully with others. Favorable influences can make them ambitious, successful and self-disciplined.
Uranus (♅)
Uranus is the planet of innovation, nonconformity, higher intuition and inspiration. In a natal chart, a well-aspected Uranus can bring a touch of genius to the subject, while a heavily afflicted one can lead to eccentricity and unreliability.
Neptunus (♆)
Neptune is the planet of transcendence, higher faculties and psychic abilities. In a natal chart, the aspects and position of Neptune deal with the subject's ability to access higher consciousness and their grip on reality.nA heavily afflicted Neptune can lead to unrealistic expectations and self-deception.
Pluto (♇)
Pluto is the planet of deep, impersonal energies and transforming forces. In a natal chart, the aspects and position of Pluto indicate areas of life in which the subject is capable of making fundamental changes, for better or for worse.

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